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CFPS at PAA 2015

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 CFPS held an exhibit at the Population Association of America (PAA) 2015 in San Diego from April 28 to May 2. CFPS PIs and staff shared the latest development of the survey and data availability.
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In addition, users of CFPS data have presented their findings at PAA 2015. Below is a list of CFPS-based presentations based on our own search.
●  Boarding at School and Students’ Well-Being: The Case of Rural China • Binbin Shu, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Yuying Tong, Chinese University of Hong Kong
●  Does Preschool Attendance Matter to Children’s Long-Term Well-Being in China? • Di Xu, Columbia University; Xin Gong, Columbia University; Wen-Jui Han, New York University (NYU)
●  The Impact of Minority Social Image vs. Minority Status -an Alternative Explanation to Discrimination against Ethnic Minorities in China’s Labor Market • Xiaoyun Shen, Minnesota       Population Center & Humphrey School of Public Affairs; Yufeng Lai, University of Minnesota
●  Unequal Childhoods in China: Parental Education, Children’s Time Use, and Child Development • Zheng Mu, University of Michigan; Qing Lai, Florida International University• Zheng Mu, University of Michigan; Qing Lai, Florida International University
●  ‘Wan, Xi, Shao’ vs. Sent-down: What Caused the Chinese Fertility Decline in the 1970s? • Shige Song, Queens College, City University of New York (CUNY)
PAA is a non-profit association connecting professionals interested in issues related to population and demography. PAA members include demographers, sociologists, economists, public health professionals and other fields. There are over 4,000 attendees.  

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