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Working Paper Series

WP 13-001:  Qiang Ren, Donald J. Treiman

The consequence of Parental Labor Mitigation in China for Children's Emotional Well-being    

 WP 13-002:  Hongwei Xu, Yu Xie

The Causal Effects of Rural-to Urban Mitigation on Children's Well-being in China    

WP 13-003:  Mi Luo, Chuanchuan Zhang

Non-Linear Relationship between Body Mass Index and Labor Market Outcomes: New Evidence from China 

WP 14-001:  Qiang Ren, Donald J. Treiman  

Living Arrangements of the Elderly in China and Consequences for their Emotional Well-being

WP 14-002:  Lingwei Wu 

Are Only Children Worse Off on Subjective Well-being?Evidence from China's One-Child Policy

WP 14-003:  Jie Gong, Yi Lu and Huihua Xie 

Adolescent Adversity and Long-run Health

How to submit: 

Send your manuscript as a word attachment with the title "Working Paper" to isss.cfps@pku.edu.cn.