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ISSS Began Pilot Survey of CFPS 2014 in Beijing

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To prepare for the next wave of CFPS in summer 2014, the Institute of Social Science Survey (ISSS) of Peking University conducted a pilot survey in February and March 2014. The pilot was carried out in Beijing and was based on the 2008 CFPS pilot sample. The purpose was to test several newly added modules and the event history calendar (EHC), which will be implemented for the first time in China. The pilot survey was also expected to provide information on how to maintain an ideal follow up rate.

Interviewer training of pilot survey included an introduction to CFPS project, tutorial courses about the interview system and CAPI process, and explanation and practice about questionnaires. Mock interviews were conducted. Trainees took a paper test and a mock interview test. Only those who passed the tests would receive a certificate and were eligible to interview respondents.


Since March 1st, interviewers have started to travel to in 32 villages of 8 counties in Beijing. The pilot survey will conclude in middle March and is expected to collect data from about 400 families.

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