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Progress Report of CFPS 2020

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The fifth wave of "China Family Panel Studies (CFPS)" was launched by the Institute of Social Science Survey, Peking University in July 2020 and completed by the end of December 2020. About 62,500 interviews of various types were completed in CFPS 2020. A total of 554 interviewers from all over the country worked for 176 days. Due to the pandemic, the main mode of data collection was switched from face-to-face interviews to telephone interviews. About 89% of all interviews were completed by telephone. At the household level, the cross sectional response rate was 62% and the cross-wave response rate was 77%. At the individual-level, cross sectional response rate was 66%, and the cross-wave response rate was 77%. The completion rate at the household level is lower than that of previous waves partly due to the incompleteness of telephone information. In addition, the difficulty of completing the interview for each one of family members by phone within the same household was significantly increased.
New content was added in the 2020 questionnaires. We added questions related to the pandemic, in domains covering education, employment, medical care, income, and family interactions. In response to the lack of direct assessment for children under age 10, we also tested a face-to-face cognitive test for children aged 3-6 in the interview sample. 
We also upgraded the survey interview system. We add a mobile component  while maintaining the existing PC-based data collection . The mobile component was built to facilitate faster and easier communication between the project team and interviewees, mainly for confirmation of outliers identified during real-time data checking. 

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