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Cross-wave individual core variable dataset released

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Cross-wave individual core variable dataset (under the CFPS2018 datasets)
Technical report CFPS-40 (in Chinese): China Family Panel Studies Cross-year Individual Core Variable Dataset Cleanup Report
Who are included?
For all individual samples that ever entered the CFPS through family roster questionnaire, the cross year ID dataset provides their basic information across all waves from baseline. A total of 74,130 individuals were in the cross year id dataset, including 64,208 gene members, 6,919 members who were core members in at least one wave, and 3,183 non-core members in at least one wave.
What variables are included?
1.Time-constant demographic variables, including pid, birth year, gender, ethnicity, sampling information at baseline. They are considered constant in the study design across waves. 
2. Time-varying sociodemographic variables, including marital status, education, residence permit status (hukou). They may change across waves, and thus have a different variable for each wave. 
3. Interview status, including the entry year of the individual sample, fid at each wave, whether the individual was financially connected with the corresponding fid of the particular wave, whether the individual was living in the same address of the family residence, whether the individual completed an individual survey, and whether the individual survey was a self report.
What is different from previous versions of cross-year database?
1. Added new samples and variables in 2018.
2. Gender and birth year have been processed based on information from multiple waves. 
3. Conducted a cross-year consistency check on variables such as marriage and education.
4. Supplemented personal marriage and household registration (hukou) information with newly collected information from the family roster database.
5. Added the PSU variable for all individuals.
What can a cross-year dataset do?
1. Confirm interview status and core variables of all respondents in each wave.
2. View all mortality case.
Further notes
1. The weight variables over the years are being redesigned and calculated, and the current cross-year dataset does not contain weight variables.
2. The latest cross-year dataset contains all the individual samples of the previous cross-year dataset. Thus we removed all the previously released  cross-year dataset.
3. Some samples have been processed with cross wave consistency checks so their values may differ slightly from other published databases. If you find a lot of differences, please contact us.

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