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Data Updates:English version of CFPS2018

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What do we publish this round?
1. Family Roster Database
2. Family Dataset
3. Individual dataset
4. Child Proxy dataset
5. Individual Core Variable Database
1. English version of the CFPS2018 questionnaires
Including family member questionnaires, family questionnaires, individual self-response questionnaires (over 10 years old),individual proxy questionnaires, child proxy  questionnaires (children aged 0-15), please refer to the "Documentation" page of the English version of the project website for details. Please click here.
2. User Guide for China Family Panel Studies 2018
In addition to the English version of the user's manual, the first English version of the data usage guidance covers the new content on questionnaire design, changes to data structures, and adjustments to variablesin the CFPS 2018 dataset.
For details, please click here.
For more information, please refer to the "Data Description" page of the "Documentation" module of the English version of the project website. Soliciting Articles for 2022 User Training and Communication Conference. Please click here.

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